Its not too late…QH Post/Guard Skills Camp starts tomorrow!!!!! July 29 – Aug 1 @ Eastside Christian School

Elite: 4th-6th Grades–9:00am – 1:00pm 
MVP: 7th-12th (seniors) Grades & College Players 1:30pm – 5:30pm

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QH offers the most complete camp dynamic in terms of intensity, skill development, conditioning & motivational mental toughness training! Please review below important information on our remaining camps this summer.

Remaining Camps–Sign Up Today or come the first day!!!!! 

Point Guard Camp–Aug 5-8
All Star Camp–Aug 9-10

Don’t let this special opportunity pass you by!  Be a part of the best skill training around and advance your game to another level in preparation for the upcoming season.  

All Star Camp Update 

Finally, our All Star camp has been restructured and opened to allow first come, first serve opportunities.  You don’t want to miss our most popular & tenacious 2 day camp. The camp consists of a combination of 13 competitions, note taking & short interval skill development & conditioning training platforms with numerous award opportunities. 

All Star Classic Update: Important Announcement!!

The All Star Classic slated for Sunday Aug 11 will change slightly.  The Quick Handle staff has decided to create a one game competition with 2 teams for each gender instead of a 3 team Red/White & Blue tournament. If the All Star camp numbers reach a minimum of 60 to 70 High School level campers by Monday August 5th then the 3 team tournament will proceed as first announced.  It is important that the All Star Classic tournament is competitive and that will only happen if we have maximum registrations & participation at our All Star Camp.  In order to have a successful & competitive draft for the coach’s to select the players, it is imperative that a minimum number of campers must be available. Please spread the word about this amazing opportunity of the All Star Camp & Classic event & ensure that the Classic with either a 1 or 2 game limit will take place. Please review all the details of the All Star Camp & All Star Classic by clicking on the following link & scrolling down the to the bottom of the page–http://www.quickhandle.com/training/on-site-events/camps/

Note: Skill development should be the number one priority & focus in the off-season not AAU and playing games!  It is important for players to develop “Old School” work ethic & discipline during the off-season.  Quick Handle offers serious training designed to maximize skill development in a short period of time.  Over the past 19 years our camps have trained well over 20,000 players and have proven to be time tested & consistent in repetition training, intensity, versatility & innovation and produce amazing results!!


All camps are subject to cancellation with a full refund if required minimum camp attendee numbers are not met. 

Bellevue, WAJuly 29Aug 1, 2013; Elite/MVP Post/Guard Camp; Grades 1st-7th & 8th-12th  & Graduating Seniors & College Players; 1st-6th & 7th-12th; Cost $175.00 

Jonesboro, ARAug 5-7, 2013; Heat Ball Handling Camp; Grades 4th-12th; Cost $125.00

Jonesboro, ARAug 8, 2013; Quick Trigger Shooting Camp; Grades 4th-12th; Cost $90.00

Bellevue, WAAug 5-8, 2013; Elite/MVP Point Guard Camp; Grades Grades 5th-7th & 8th-12th   & Graduating Seniors & College Players; Cost $215.00 

Bellevue, WA; Aug 9-10, 2013; Elite/MVP All Star Camp; Grades 7th – 12th & Graduating Seniors *Open*; Cost $215.00

Bellevue, WA; Aug 11, 2013; MVP All Star Classic; Grades 7th – 12th & Graduating Seniors-Sponsored

http://www.quickhandle.com/summer-camp-schedule/….. Sign up Today!
Team & Group Discounts:
QH camps have been very affordable over the years and are a bargain in comparison to most camps on the market.  The testimonials we have received over the past 19 years attest to our cutting edge training techniques, intensity standards, competitive competitions & mental toughness motivation designed to instill confidence and master pressure!  Please take advantage of this opportunity.  If you have a group or team interested in attending a QH camp, please contact us atcoach@quickhandle.com for a special group/team rate we will provide for you.

“No Regrets- Nothing to chance- No looking back”

Its QH Camp time!  Are you ready to step up to thechallenge!!

Coach Mendo