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FIBA Certified Coach

Coach Mendo’s contagious passion paired with intensity and his expertise of the game, embodies the Quick Handle™ philosophy of developing skills, mental toughness and core character values. Starting out as a player and growing into his role as a coach, Coach Mendo challenges players to dream big and work relentlessly in pursuit of those dreams.


  • Head College & Professional Overseas Coach
  • Professional Camp & Individual Trainer, both in the United States and overseas
  • Player in a European Professional League
  • 25+ years of coaching over 40,000 players of all ages and skill levels

“Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping to develop the individual skills of players. I have such a passion to help players realize their dreams. It is so exciting to see players do something they weren’t able to do beforehand. Just the fact that they are there shows a commitment to get better. That alone kicks in my competitive juices to help them achieve their goals.”

The basis of my (Coach Mendo’s) philosophy is:

  • I demand excellence
  • I push you to your fullest potential
  • I encourage you to never give up and fight to be the best
  • I teach values of sportsmanship, honor and integrity
  • I promote humility, unselfishness and confidence leading to success on and off the court
  • I instruct the fundamentals of the game, especially Quick Handle™, through repetition, discipline and proper technique
  • I strengthen mental toughness to better master pressure, play in the zone and develop a leadership presence and take-charge spirit

Playing & Coaching Experience

Playing Professionally:

European Professional League, Germany & Austria, 1983-1987

Coach Mendo completed a successful basketball career as a player though his four years in the European Professional League. During this time, he competed in major European tournaments and exhibitions, including some against the French Olympic team. Playing in this professional league was a lifelong dream, and Coach Mendo continues to inspire players to play overseas.

Coaching College Teams:

Portland Community College. Portland, OR, 2005 – 2008
During his tenure, Coach Mendo completed a three-year reign as the head men’s basketball coach. While head coach, he led his team to the second-best record in the school’s history.

Simpson University. Redding, CA, 2000 – 2004
During his four years at the helm of this NAIA Division 2 university, Coach Mendo raised the bars of success and visibility of his teams. In his second year there, the team won 21 games – the most in school history. This winning streak also set the record of the most games for men’s basketball won in the California Pacific conference. The team went on to finish third in the nation at the NCCAA National Championships.

Northwest University. Kirkland, WA, 1996 – 2000
Coach Mendo began his coaching career at Northwest University. There, he started a foundation of success the program continues to build upon today. He guided Northwest University to its first ever playoff experience in their first year of existence in the NAIA and guided his team to three consecutive conference playoff appearances in three years. He directed his team into the NCCAA Division 1 National Championship tournament. His teams compiled two 20-win seasons and a top 25 NAIA National ranking.

Tennessee Temple University. Chattanooga, TN, 1987 – 1990 (Assistant Coach)
Coach Mendo helped lead the team to 75 wins in three years and win two National Division I Christian College Championships.

Coaching Professionally

Kazma Club, Kuwait, 2013 – 2014
Coach Mendo helped lead Kazma to a successful regular season and to the country’s prestigious cup championship game. The club finished in 3rd place in the Gulf Club Championships.

Muharraq Club, Bahrain, 2008 – 2009
Coach Mendo completed a successful season as the head coach of the Muharraq Club in the country of Bahrain. Coach Mendo led his team to the league championship finals and finished as the runner-up.

Sahel Club, Kuwait, 1994 – 1996

Bahrain, 1990 – 1994
Prior to his college coaching career, Coach Mendo coached professionally for 6 years in the Middle East professional leagues; 4 years in Bahrain and 2 years in Kuwait. He had successful teams in each of his years, and was selected as Bahrain’s National coach for 2 years successfully competing in the Asian games and receiving a bronze medal in the Gulf Arab Championships.

European Professional League Germany and Austria 1983 – 1987
Coach Mendo started his coaching career as a youth coach while still as a player in the European Professional League. The experiences provided a wealth of knowledge and opportunities that have served him well in his career as a coach.

Coach’s Personal Life

Coach Mendo has an incredible story of failure to success. Growing up, life wasn’t easy. He faced numerous challenges and made decisions her would later regret. Basketball was always something that he found joy in, though. As a senior in high school, Coach Mendo he felt most alive on the court, and he was celebrated by his team for his talent. But off the court, he was involved with drugs, alcohol and unhealthy relationships. Seemingly harmless at first, these choices led to deep depression, a major loss of confidence and nearly took his life. He experienced the deep pain of seeing the lives of friends destroyed through overdose, suicide and similar unhealthy choices. Coach Mendo realized that this pattern of living would only end in death, and he knew he had to move in a new direction. Soon after, he found hope in Jesus Christ and the gift of grace. This one decision radically changed the trajectory of his life. Not only did his behavior change, but there was a radical shift in his dreams, goals and focus.

Because of his background, Coach Mendo is passionate about reaching out to those who are hurting and looking for answers. He shares his experiences in hopes that youth will not make the choices he made. He says, “I thank God for His mercy and grace in saving me, and paying the ultimate price by suffering on the cross for my sins. I give Him all the glory for everything that He has saved me from and for all of His exceptional goodness that He has provided to me and my family.”

Our Training Coaching Staff

Coach Ali

Coach Ali

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Coach Paige

Coach Paige

Coach Paige comes from Northern California where she played 4 years at West Valley high school. She was a 3 year varsity…

Coach Char

Coach Char

In my senior year at Northwest University.  I played High School ball at East Palo Alto, CA. Studying exercise science. Received All…

Coach Joey

Coach Joey

Coach Joey Roppo – played 4 years at Monroe High School where he earned 1st team All-Conference as a Senior in 2011…

Coach Mendo

Coach Mendo

Coach Mendo is the founder, owner and director of Quick Handle™ Basketball since 1993 and a FIBA Certified Licensed Coach (Learn more…

Coach Tyler

Coach Tyler

Tyler Mendezona or “Coach Mendo” teaches P.E. in grades 5-8 and coaches Bear Creek’s varsity boys basketball team. Tyler attended and played…

Coach Jessica

Coach Jessica

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Coach John

Coach John

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Our Training


Infused with high-energy and built upon years of expertise, Quick Handle™ camps and clinics empower players to improve their skill level and confidence. From beginning players to elite players, our events strengthen individuals to reach their next level of success. Join Us.

Specialized Training Programs

Whether it’s back to the fundamentals or drilling-in on targeted skills, expert Quick Handle™ coaches offer specialized programs to help players of all skill levels maximize their talent and increase their mental game. Your player’s next step is crucial.


With invaluable experience as a collegiate head coach for 11 years, an assistant coach for 3 years, and a coach overseas for 8 years, Coach Mendo is known for his grit, energy and humor. Hear directly from Coach Mendo to learn more about how you can strengthen your programs, players and team.


Fantastic ball handling development in fun yet disciplined camps


This is a well-designed camp with a lot of thought put into it. Although there were times when it seemed Staffing was a little light, kids were engaged and there was a lot of activity going on.


My kids have gone to this camp the last 3 years and have been pushed physically and mentally. Thankful for the basketball and life skills they walk way with knowing.


My kids have been to many sports camps and training sessions, but Quick Handle is the one camp that I could clearly see a difference in their skill set after completing – especially in ball handling. A great organization!!!!


kind, supportive, talent nurturing, building, growing athletes, affirming, caring as much about the inside of the athlete as the outer talent. Can’t say enough good things about Quickhandle!.


Mendo is a one of a kind. Perhaps one of the best all around trainers my girls have experienced. Ball skills, shooting, reading screens, implementation of ball skills into scoring all the way to teaching correct mentality for success.

Clark J

Loved listening to your message “Dig Deep”.  I tell you…you are a great motivational speaker, not only for basketball, but for everything.  You would do great in the business world teaching your brand of leadership and positive energy.  I’ve heard many people and I feel you are one of the best.

These words were so resonating: “No excuses, don’t accept mediocrity, dream big, push to the max, go for it…but all this is not easy”.

I also love to hear that you get parents involved.  Get them pumped up.  Demand excellence.  Love that kind of talk!  This is working together – Coach Mendo, staff, parents, teammates maximizing the kid’s potential and love of the game.

I spoke with both of my sons (going on 8th and 10th).  We want to signup for the Point Guard Camp Aug 5-8th.  I need to take a look at the website again – couldn’t find where you register on-line though.

Joon Chang

We loved the camp, loved the structure and the fact that they bounce the ball to the rhythm of fast music which allows them to bounce it more and practice a whole lot without realizing it. So much improvement each time! I started bringing Coach Wayne Mendezona, “Coach Mendo” out to Missouri each year to help our whole team and even the area kids, even after our kids were no longer playing. It was fantastic. I recall one boy going past me talking to his Mom, He said, “I am so tired… But I am so excited I get to come back tomorrow!!” The kids loved the camp and came away better. One group of girls had many who had never played basketball. They came to the Quick Handle camp, worked hard at camp and were better than their peers. They won over and over in their careers as a team, and later won state! Coach Mendo not only teaches skills in basketball but when he lets them sit down for a few minutes here and there, He shares life experiences and gives them life skills as well! Great Coach, Great family, Great Camp. I Highly recommend Quick Handle!



Mark has attended Coach Mendezona’s camps since he was in his first years of recreational basketball to playing for premier select teams.

It speaks volumes to watch Coach Mendezona’s kids at the clinics and camps. They are not only incredible basketball players (ranging from college teams to grade school), but are positive role models off the court as well.


Coach Mendezona teaches the mental and physical components of the game.

  1. Integrity – coach shares life experiences with the kids that help them realize that integrity is a key ingredient to life
  2. Mental toughness – everyone gets knocked down – but those that get back up and continue the battle win
  3. Compete with yourself – the measuring stick is your own personal improvement
  4. Incredible ball handling skills
  5. Quick Trigger shooting
  6. Offensive and Defensive techniques

Bottom line – Quick Handle wastes no time in getting it done. Kid’s notice their results quickly, and want to keep coming back for more.

Try it out – you won’t be sorry.

Kimberly Lieberman, Client
Woodinville Washington

My daughter came home from school one day in the seventh grade and told me she wanted to play basketball in college. She is only 5 feet 4 inches tall but with a competitive and big heart. One of the first things I investigated was to find basketball training for my daughter knowing that fundamentals and skill development were very important to succeed. I did my research and found a camp in Kirkland, Wash called Quick Handle ran by Coach Mendezona. I was so impressed how he taught the kids dribbling skills that I signed up for other camps as well. My daughter loved to go to Coach Mendo’s camps because she was challenged and got better each time. His training, skill development and the mental approach to the game has influenced her success more than anymore. I am proud to say that my daughter will be playing basketball at a Division 2 school next year. I want to thank Coach Mendo and Quick Handle for dramatically improving her as a basketball player.

Mr. Reiterman, Client
Father of Player

Coach Mendo has created an exceptional skill development program for basketball players who really want to succeed. The objectives are so clearly defined that the students know exactly what is being taught and how it is evaluated. This is not a ‘fluff, just keep the kids busy’ program. Many basketball players return year after year to learn the more complex skills. I highly recommend the program.

John Mohan
Educator, Author, Professional Athlete

I am a friend of Tommy Lizotte, who is the father of Nikhill Lizotte, who is your point guard on your 8th grade Quick Handle team. I was Nikhill Lizotte’s football coach this year, what a great kid he is to coach.

I just want to take a moment to tell you I watched your 8th grade Quick Handle Gold Team play 3 different times this weekend in the Best of The West Tournament in Yakima this last weekend. I saw your game against Friends Of Hoop, the quarterfinal game against the Seattle Rotary and your championship game against Team Washington.

I must tell you your team is the best middle school aged team I have ever seen come through Yakima and I have officiated the Best of The West tournament for many years. The reason I make that statement is because your team plays such great team ball & is so unselfish.

We all know that these elite tournaments consist of teams made up of all superstars, but to me what was so impressive about your team was the way they played as a team, sharing the ball, setting each other up and playing unbelievable team defense and the most intense totally dialed in group of kids I have seen. It is a real testament to you as a coach, because I have seen a lot of elite teams in AAU and I have just never seen a team with all those attributes I just listed.

My son and I sat a few rows behind your bench in the championship game and we constantly heard you reminding your team that it is not about one individual it’s about togetherness. I loved the way you challenged your big tall center (I believe his name is Cal) when he was on the bench in the first half when you told him to start being a leader etc etc. All in all it was just an absolute treat to watch your team play and to see youth basketball played with such a premium on a complete team concept.

Looking forward to watching your team play in the future.

Demian Walter

Our kids have been coming to your camp for the past three years and they love it! They have built up their skill level and confidence each time they attend the camp. We always make sure we mention Quick Handle™ whenever we hear someone talking about basketball camps. You’re the best!

John Mohan & the Singh Family

My son, KJ, has always played the post. KJ went to the Quick Handle Ball Handling Camp and it was the best camp my son has ever gone to. I like the fact that the camp focused on one aspect of the game. The camp was very affordable and was the best money I’ve ever spent on a camp. There was a very noticeable change not only in his ball handling but more importantly in his confidence and his work ethic. The” can do” attitude that Coach Mendo teaches is what I teach my son, but coming from an outside influence really validated what I am teaching my son. Coach Mendo is not only a great ball handling coach but more importantly he is a great role model and influence on the kids attending his camp. This year I will put both my 14-yr old and 8-yr old sons in the camp. If your child is serious about playing the game of basketball, I guarantee you this camp will be the best thing you can do for your student athlete.

Kevin Smith, Client
Concord, California