FIBA Certified Coach

Coach Mendo’s contagious passion paired with intensity and his expertise of the game, embodies the Quick Handle™ philosophy of developing skills, mental toughness and core character values. Starting out as a player and growing into his role as a coach, Coach Mendo challenges players to dream big and work relentlessly in pursuit of those dreams.


“Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping to develop the individual skills of players. I have such a passion to help players realize their dreams. It is so exciting to see players do something they weren’t able to do beforehand. Just the fact that they are there shows a commitment to get better. That alone kicks in my competitive juices to help them achieve their goals.”

The basis of my (Coach Mendo’s) philosophy is:

  • I demand excellence

  • I push you to your fullest potential

  • I encourage you to never give up and fight to be the best

  • I teach values of sportsmanship, honor and integrity

  • I promote humility, unselfishness and confidence leading to success on and off the court

  • I instruct the fundamentals of the game, especially Quick Handle™, through repetition, discipline and proper technique

  • I strengthen mental toughness to better master pressure, play in the zone and develop a leadership presence and take-charge spirit

Playing & Coaching Experience


Coach Mendo has an incredible story of failure to success. Growing up, life wasn’t easy. He faced numerous challenges and made decisions he would later regret. Basketball was always something that he found joy in, though. As a senior in high school, Coach Mendo felt most alive on the court, and he was celebrated by his team for his talent. But off the court, he was involved with drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy relationships. Seemingly harmless at first, these choices led to deep depression, a major loss of confidence, and nearly took his life. He experienced the deep pain of seeing the lives of friends destroyed through overdose, suicide, and similar unhealthy choices. Coach Mendo realized that this pattern of living would only end in death, and he knew he had to move in a new direction. Soon after, he found hope in Jesus Christ and the gift of grace. This one decision radically changed the trajectory of his life. Not only did his behavior change, but there was a radical shift in his dreams, goals, and focus.

Because of his background, Coach Mendo is passionate about reaching out to those who are hurting and looking for answers. He shares his experiences in hopes that youth will not make the choices he made. He says, “I thank God for His mercy and grace in saving me and paying the ultimate price by suffering on the cross for my sins. I give Him all the glory for everything that He has saved me from and for all of His exceptional goodness that He has provided to me and my family.”


Coach Mendo is the founder, owner and director of Quick Handle™ Basketball since 1993 and a FIBA Certified Licensed Coach 

Our Training

Infused with high energy and built upon years of expertise, Quick Handle™ camps and clinics empower players to improve their skill level and confidence. From beginning players to elite players, our events strengthen individuals to reach their next level of success. Join Us.
Whether it’s back to the fundamentals or drilling in on targeted skills, expert Quick Handle™ coaches offer specialized programs to help players of all skill levels maximize their talent and increase their mental game. Your player’s next step is crucial.
With invaluable experience as a collegiate head coach for 11 years, an assistant coach for 3 years, and a coach overseas for 8 years, Coach Mendo is known for his grit, energy, and humor. Hear directly from Coach Mendo to learn more about how you can strengthen your programs, players, and team.


I Just Wanted To Take...

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how beneficial your shooting camp was for our son Noah who attended the Mtn. Home Camp this year. He has always been a reluctant shooter, but now this year he will be the oldest, most exoerienced kid on his team and he will need to set up and take more shots. After camp he kept saying "mom, Coach Mendo totally transformed my shot" Today we got to see that in action. He played a 3 on 3 tournament several months ago and decided to try the 3 point completeion. I believe he made 3 then. He played pretty timid still. but they managed to come away with winning the tournament. Tpday he had anpother tournament. He made 9 3's which placed him first in his age bracket (12 under). He played so aggressive and pulled lots of quick shots. They didn't always go in but he had the confidsence to keep shooting. His ball handling he learned form last year, and shooting format he learned this year have completely changed his game. We encourage everyone we know to attend. Well worth the money and by far, the best camp this area has. Thank you so much fpor all you do for these kids!!!

Quick Trigger Shooting Camp Testimonial