Quick Handle
‘Chip on the Shoulder’

It is apparent that numerous kids train and play basketball uninspired and without a “go for it all” attitude & spirit.  It is a sad commentary in our society that our young people expect a hand out instead of taking their God given talents and abilities and maximizing their opportunities. Yes, it is true that our society is turning soft and makes excuses instead of finding solutions and working ferociously.  Nevertheless, how can a player avoid these pitfalls, stay focused, inspired and avoid the stark reality of excuse making.

I believe we can recapture this spirit and discipline by embracing the old adage “A chip on the shoulder”. What exactly does it mean to have a chip on your shoulder? Does it mean you are mad at the world; you hate life or are out for vengeance?  Yes, in some ways a bad reflection of this term could mean those negative things.  But that is not how I view or use the term a chip on the shoulder.  The other misconception about this term is that it only applies to people that have come from a very difficult background or have received some very unfortunate setbacks in their life. This can be true as well and many people can find fuel and motivation through negative circumstances to inspire them to greatness. But I believe that everybody that wants to accomplish or achieve something great in life must have of some type of chip on their shoulder.

Here are some examples that can motivate you to operate, train & compete with a “chip on your shoulder”;
-A deep motivation to succeed that runs so deep that it consumes your waking thoughts and interferes with sleepless nights.
-A motivation of wanting to give back to those that you love and have sacrificed so much for your success.
-A motivation to prove people wrong and to show the doubters that they were wrong
-A motivation that is spiritual (God) and laced with deep conviction.
These and other motivators should be firmly written out, visualized and figuratively place on your shoulder.

I want you to write down your deep motivators and take time throughout the week to visualize and focus on how much these motivators mean to you.
Here is a powerful acronym “DIP” that will help you to know that you are working and competing in direct line with having a chip on your shoulder.

D: Dare to be different: you know that you are living with a chip on your shoulder when you become a risk taker, a big dreamer & have the courage & conviction to stand up & step out of the crowd to accomplish the extraordinary!

I: Intensity & Intelligence: you know that you are living with a chip on your shoulder when you have the intensity of a warrior combined with the intelligence of a winner!

P: Push the limits: you know that you are living with a chip on your shoulder when you push the limits, raise the bar, come early, stay late, go the hardest, be the toughest & fight to exhaustion!

So the question you must ask yourself; do you compete with “a chip on your shoulder” or complain with an excuse on your shoulder”? The choice is yours!  Memorize and Apply DIP and win against your competitiors!

Go QH,

Coach Mendo