*3 tips for handling a set back from coach Mendo*
Even coach Mendo deals with setbacks. In fact, I’m dealing with a few now! Instead of focusing on how difficult or painful it is, you have to make a different choice. I live for the comeback in life, which is why I’m focusing on what I can control. It may not be ideal for me right now, but I refuse to quit because of another setback. My comeback has always been stronger than my setback. If you are in the middle of a setback, try these 3 things!
1) instead of focusing how bad the setback is, focus on everything else that IS going right. Shift your mindset! Get a pen and paper and write it down so you can see how many things are still going well for you.
2) Don’t let this one setback define you by staying stuck in it. Focus forward and keep setting goals to move ahead. In fact, use that pen again and write new goals down now.
3) surround yourself with people who are like-minded and inspiring! Usually, we draw energy from the people we are around. Make sure you are surrounded by people who are going to see the greatness in you, encourage, support, and challenge you. Think of your friends, family, coaches, or mentors right now, and make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right crowd.
Remember a setback doesn’t last forever!!
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