Connect With Quick Handle & Coach Mendo

What a year it’s been, we sure miss being in the gym! I understand it’s not a normal basketball season, but we are hoping things start opening back up soon. Coach Mendo has continued safely training players both virtually and in-person during this strange year. He has recently started his group training outside and is very well attended.  However, he is very excited to also start training in a gym in the near future!  I’m preparing his team/clinic/camp training schedules for when gyms open back up. I would love to chat with you about the possibility of working with your basketball program or community. Coach Mendo is excited to get back in the gym and positively impact your players and program.  

If you haven’t met Coach Mendo yet or would like more information about him, I have attached more info about him and his coaching career.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jessica Welcome

QH Personal Assistant

 t. 425-246-7886



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