Core Power 

Motivational Newsletter

A Winners Mind-Set

Everyone wants to be a winner and a lot of people talk themselves up as a winner, but the reality is very few become winners.  Winning and losing is not always defined by results, but more by a mentality. A winner’s mind-set is one that focuses on winning the war; and in order to achieve success it is being more concerned about the journey then individual battles.  It is like having a strong core which is central to stamina, endurance, strong hamstrings and a strong back.  Sometimes looks can be deceiving because a young player with very little body fat can take off his shirt and “wow”people with the visible signs of ripple muscles and a six pack.  However, what is underneath those perceived muscles really defines ones core.  Many players never spend the time or make the commitment to work on their core in such a way as to have a firm, strong, rock solid and second-to-none core. I use this as an example because in training and coaching for the past 20 years I have experienced numerous athletes that talk the talk and may even have their appearance of looking the part (having a strong core) but when push comes to shove they don’t have a firm core and a strong foundation.  

This newsletter is more about the core power you have as an athlete trying to develop the winning mind-set.  I believe the acronym CORE, if meditated on and activated with your goals will produce a foundation of long lasting success.

C-conditioning: core power is an athlete who has superior conditioning.  He/she spends the time necessary to be in better shape than their teammates and opponents.  You can’t just talk yourself into conditioning.  It takes a relentless focus and effort daily to maximize all aspects of conditioning so that you have a superior advantage.  You will know you have superior conditioning because of the quality time you spend pushing yourself to exhaustion.  The results will be a winning mind-set properly positioned for continued success.

O-over-time mentality: core power has a focus on an over-time mentality that consists of doing just a little bit more in every situation.  If you knew every game was going into overtime, how would you prepare yourself? Would you get to the gym a little earlier?  Would you eat a little bit better?  Would you modify your social life a little bit more?  Would you put up a few more shots?  Work on your ball-handling a little bit longer or condition just as little bit more?  Would you be the first to the gym and the last to leave?  This is the overtime mentality of success.  Core power demands this type of commitment to excellence.

R-results oriented: though you understand that core power is first and foremost focused on a winners mindset more than winning itself,  a core power player is always trying to better his/her results.  You should track your progress, whether you are working on your skill set, conditioning or actual game competition.  You should set up standards and goals that you can measure your success against.  You should be results oriented in that you are always progressing and not regressing in your growth as a student/athlete and a winner.

E-energy: a core power player always finds a way to bring the internal energy necessary to compete at a high level.  You should not be satisfied with yesterday’s performance and results or because you achieved some amazing goal.  You should be grateful, but never satisfied or become complacent.  You need a determined zoom focus to look ahead with enthusiasm toward accomplishing that core power winner’s mind-set.  You know that if you bring consistent unrelenting energy, you will be able to maximize your efforts and produce amazing and consistent high level results.  Energy is something that you have to guard, protect and value.  You have to eat properly, get plenty of rest and make sure your harnessing all the energy possible in a positive and very purposeful way towards your core power.

I challenge you to fully engage in core power by applying the acronym and principles of CORE to its maximum possibilities.  A winning mentality and mind-set is designed to produce consistent results for a long term basis.  Be a winner and sign on for “core power”.

Go for it!!

Coach Mendo

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