Crossover Connection Fundraiser: Please make a financial contribution & make a difference in the lives of those young kids that don’t have the financial opportunities to participate in basketball training!!
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Next Step Athletics: Crossover Connection–50 Mile Ultra Run Fundraiser     

Hi NSA/QH Family,

I wanted to share with you the first major fundraising event ever put on by Next Step Athletics.  I have named this event “Crossover Connection”.  It is a 50 mile Ultra Run event Mt. Si Relays and Ultra Runs that I am personally attempting to accomplish.  I call it “Crossover Connection” because running 50 miles is crazy and especially someone like myself who is not a runner attempting to crossover into another athletic arena of endurance training seems impossible.  However, this has been a challenge, dream & a goal to attempt something this intense and hard in the hopes of accomplishing 3 major goals.

1.  Inspire young & aspiring basketball players to maximize their talents and shoot for the highest goals possible in order to achieve excellence & greatness. My desire is also to motivate parents, coaches and any and everyone to get fired up about life, reach for the stars, shake out of their comfortableness and try to accomplish something extraordinary.

2.  To raise significant funds for our non-profit program, specifically designed to reach out and provide inner city/low income area clinics at no charge and give hope to the less fortunate who do not have the financial means to participate in basketball training opportunities like the majority.
Note: Complete details of this event and specific fundraising purposes are presented in the following brochure attachment: Crossover Connection Brochure

3.  A personal goal to achieve this impossible dream and God willing for this entire experience to be shared as a coach/speaker to my campers as well as other groups.  Another goal on this journey is to develop winning systems, strategies and philosophies that will be shared in a book that can impact the larger society and influence people from all diversified backgrounds to push the limits and “go for it”.

This has been an 18 week journey (2 more weeks remaining) filled with enormous pain, difficulty, tests of every kind & set backs that have hurt immensely.

-injuries of every kind-knee pain, cramping, swelling, physical exhaustion, sickness & even now a potential stress fracture in my lower left leg above my foot.  Mentally I have experienced deep darkness, mental exhaustion, lack of motivation, spiritual doubt, fear & questioning my heart & guts to continue on & push through to victory.

I have also experienced enormous highs & accomplishments that have been mind boggling & a thrill of a lifetime.  Some of the things below I never thought in a million years I could accomplish.

-running 30 miles, running 20 miles a number of times, beating personal best times, meeting some extraordinary people, feeling the love of my family & friends to keep going when I felt like giving up and was losing hope.  I have lost a lot of weight, pushed my self to the limits & found that if you can dig a little deeper, stretch a little further that their is more in the well that you can draw from. Finally I have experienced such growth in my personal Faith & trust in God who never gives up on us even when we give up on ourselves.

It seems like over the past 17 plus weeks I have seen it all.  I met a bear on the road, ran off several courses and was left without food and drink not sure how to make it back, fell on my face, cried like a baby on some long runs, almost hit by several cars because of my ignorance and probably scared a lot of folks with my Rocky fist pump in the air at times when I’m running (lol) and the stories go on & on.

My overall commitment to this fundraiser–
Training Statistics: After 17 weeks
Total Running Miles : 500.36 miles
Total Miles: 675.44 
**Total Training Time8586 min or 143.10 hours

So what does this all mean?  Simply stated, I care and am dedicated to helping our less fortunate youth have a fighting chance.  That is why I am sacrificing & going through all this pain because I want to make a difference & be an example. But I can’t do this without you & your dedication & sacrifice to contribute financially.  This race will mean nothing without each one of you seriously considering about making a sacrificial commitment & investment.

All contributions can be done online or by mailing in contributions to the following address–
Next Step Athletics
4580 Klahanie Dr SE PMB 111  Issaquah, WA 98029 Crossover Connection Brochure.  The contribution are tax deductible as Next Step Athletics is a non-profit 502 (C) 3 organization.

Thank you.

Wayne Mendezona (AKA Coach Mendo)
Next Step Athletics

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