Dear Friends:

I would like to share with you 2 new and exciting opportunities. 

First, my new book “Maximizing Your Results” has recently been completed! This is a must read & if you want to be inspired and motivated to gain supreme confidence and a “Go For It”attitude, you need to obtain your copy today. I am excited as a professional speaker to take the message of maximization and achieving extraordinary greatness to groups of all sizes and backgrounds.  If you are interested or know of a group that is searching for a passionate speaker to inspire winning success in the areas of “Confidence”“Leadership” and “Maximization”, then please review my Speaking Highlight Video!

If you would like to discuss speaking opportunities, seminar options or other arrangments, please contact me by either email or phone.


Phone: 425-736-1870

Note: I have attached my speaker and coaching one sheets for you to review or forward to potential interested groups-





Secondly, I am thrilled to announce a social media campaign that will be incredibly dynamic and inspiring.  Almost everyday of the week, we will be posting inspirational topics that will be a source of encouragment and confidence building.  Our goal is not only to encourage you but also to expand our base to an extraordinary high following.  I encourage you to view our Facebook and Twitter platforms and become a follower, tag, and share our posts with everyone you know.  With your help and commitment we will be able to share valuable insights into developing a maximized mindset with so many who need to be inspired to raise the bar and realize and achieve their dreams! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to be consistently inspired! 


Just go online and check out the first 3 posts. You will be incredibly inspired!


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Have a Maximized Year!!


Wayne Mendezona AKA Coach Mendo

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