Nothing will define you more as a player and athlete than what you do during the off-season.  Though it is commendable that you may have had a good season, in the big picture of long term success, I don’t care what kind of season you had, how many points you scored; if you were a star, or you played out of your mind.

All I care about is what you do when the season is over.  The time between the end of the season and the beginning of a new season defines who you really are as a player and your future.

The fact is, most players do not take advantage of the off-season.  Most players are lazy, filled with excuses, justifying their poor work habits, light hearted, not serious, lacking passion, walking around as if they need an extended vacation, or somebody to pat them on the back and tell them how great they are.  Our young players these days thrive off and desire to play in games and compete by going up and down the court only.  This should be a part of a player’s off-season program, but it shouldn’t be a major part.  Does a player honestly believe that by playing intournaments/leagues on the weekend, which lack real coaching, structure and discipline (generally speaking) and practicing a couple of times a week, that this will truly maximize their abilities and put them in a position of accelerated success during the next season?  I don’t think so!  In fact, I know so!  In my 20 plus years of coaching & training I have personally witnessed over and over again a lack of commitment to off-season training and especially intense, no nonsense skill development camps like Quick Handle.  Not so long ago, camps like Quick Handle were hard to get into because attendance was so strong, and players were so committed to hard core camps like QH.  Players have become soft, lethargic, relying on numerous other things rather than good old fashion hard work.

So I pose this question to you; are you “smart” when it comes to the off-season?  Do you really have a good plan for the off-season?  Have you surrounded yourself with experienceand dedicated, caring professional leadership that has your best interest at heart and on a clear path for success?  Or have you gotten caught up in all the spin I mentioned above and find yourself on a path of short term planning that is going to lead to frustration, not allowing you to reach your full potential?  Don’t get caught up in thinking ‘this is what everybody else is doing, so it must be right’!

I have put together the acronym “SMART”that will guide you to a successful and winning attitude as it relates to being an off-season training.

“Smart”- The ability, perspective & discipline to engage and stay committed to an effective, no nonsense off-season work-out program.

Serious-  The diligent effort & determination you have in being extreme with your work-outs in the off-season; where improvement will be noticeable to all.  If it is not noticeably clear to those around, you may need to question just how serious you are.

Motivated-  This word has to do with a sustained level of passion, desire & persistent energy throughout the entire off-season.  Have fun working hard & spend less time feeling sorry for yourself & making excuses.  This kind of commitment requires hard work, sweat, blood & tears.  Enjoy the journey & the experience of setting the bar high & being different & a difference maker.

Active- Indicates a pursuit of training options available.  Don’t leave everything to your parents or coaches.  Take important action by actively & aggressively pursuing what you believe are the necessary training plans that will take your game to the next level.

Responsibility- Is the ownership you need to have in sustaining your training throughout the off-season.  This includes meeting schedules, showing up on time, giving maximum effort and making sure on your end that you are not leaving anything for chance.  You mustshow responsible attitude in every aspect of your off-season training program.

Tenacity- Is the extra effort you make as you train.  Too many players go through the motions and feel that just being at training is enough. Yes, it is commendable that you are participating in training but the next step is to attack this opportunity with a tenacity that is second to none.  The bottom line is if you are committed in the off-season to training as a serious, motivated, active, responsible & tenacious player without excuses, you will dramatically increase your chances of success during the season and in my opinion be a true off-season work-out warrior. I would highly recommend you consider participating in our QH Camps & Training programs as the perfect complement & match that will provide the advantage for the“SMART”off-season work-out warrior. Consider the following “advantages” of Quick Handle:-Top level skill development training-Proven system for success-Dynamic Coaching Staff-Intensity & Passion-Discipline & Drill Repetition-Goal setting & Dreaming Big-Confidence & Mental Toughness-Respect & SportsmanshipI challenge you to be “SMART” in the off-season and take your game & life to the next level.

Off-Season Work-out Warriors are flat out winners!

Go QH,

Coach Mendo