For 18 years Quick Handle has been a staunch advocate of teaching intense skill development training, discipline, responsibility, work ethic, sportsmanship and goal setting.  This methodology consists of flat out nuts & bolts work, designed to challenge one to achieve their full potential.  Over the years I have noticed an erosion in the focus on skill development and advanced fundamentals, and replaced by a desire only to play games. Thousands of dollars are being spent in chasing  false dreams designed to manipulate in the following ways-

You are encouraged to focus on traveling and playing in all these tournaments where you will receive visibility, recognition, and likely receive a basketball college scholarship.  That is a lie!!  I have been sounding the alarm for years about this lie and the deception it carries in re-directing attention away from off-season skill development (like our camps) and to playing in tournaments as a replacement.  It seems like very few are listening and continue to spend large sums of money following these false pretenses.  My declaration has always been to find a wholesome balance between playing games in the off-season and serious skill development training, such as  Quick Handle.  Unless you are in a solid and balanced AAU program like ours, you generally (not always) will find the following characteristics:  1.  Developing bad habits; 2.  Not learning proper respect for team play, unselfishness & sportsmanship (Just look at a typical bench after a game; water bottles everywhere, terrible language and a lack of respect for coaches). 3.  Below average coaching that emphasizes the star system (individual play) verses team basketball and chemistry where team success is more important then individual accomplishments.  More yelling and put downs verses sound teaching and instruction that is built on years of experience or being properly mentored by someone with serious coaching experience.  Don’t you think our children deserve more then this?  Don’t you think it is time to truly analyze what is best for our children’s development both short and long term?

What ever happened to “Old School Skill Development”?  I will tell you what has happened to this mentality and focus.  It has taken wings and sailed off overseas to basketball clubs all over the world who value skill development training far more then just playing games.  While in America, the emphasis has turned to athleticism, running up and down the floor, individual play, ego, fun and the lie of something wonderful over the rainbow.  I have seen this trend gradually transforming our basketball culture and have some authority saying this by having first hand experience living out of the country playing/coaching for 11 years.

Quick Handle will continue to be that beacon of “Old School Light” that is focused on doing things the right way and will not compromise its standards for a minute in settling for anything less then the very best for our children.

Quick Handle promises the following and more:

-Top notch skill training & development and the teaching aids and experience to back it up

-Repetition training with proven results that have been authenticated through years of successful training of thousands of athletes

-Teaching discipline, work ethic, respect, goal setting, mental toughness & supreme confidence

-Purpose driven competition that is fun, unique & designed for maximum development

Contrast our formula for success against the prevailing attitude and line of thinking that is prevalent today and hopefully you will consider an even greater commitment supporting Quick Handle and having your children participate in our program in an even greater way.  We don’t promise you a bed of roses, but what we do promise to give our very best in how hard we work and care to make every player be the very best they can be.

Go Quick Handle!!

Coach Mendo