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Practical Tips for Creating Mentally and Physically Healthy Kids

Temptations can keep kids from being healthy and active, and it can be difficult to encourage your child to turn away from instantly gratifying activities. However, helping your children to value physical and mental health is imperative to helping them lead healthy, long-lasting lives. Quick Handle is proud to present some practical tips for how to equip your children with the right perspective to prioritize their overall wellness.

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Model and Encourage Children to Consider Their Mental Health

Good mental health is the foundation for healthy living, and children can experience mental health issues just as adults do. For children to be emotionally healthy, to need to learn how to prioritize their mental health and be in a nurturing environment.

Children mimic what they see in the adults around them, so Psychology Today advises setting the tone by prioritizing mental health in your own life. Develop good stress management skills and share them with your kids, giving them the tools to handle life’s crises and stressors. Teach them to see difficulties as opportunities to overcome and give them the tools to do so by breaking down challenges into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Express your love for them often and clearly through both words and actions. According to SPSP, parental affection has a strong impact on children’s mental health and success. Let them know they can always talk to you in both happy moments and times of need, and reassure them that whatever problems they face, you will tackle them together.

Show them that anything is possible by following your own dreams. Pursue the degree you always hoped to get around to by enrolling in online classes. For instance, you can pursue your bachelor’s in IT to learn more about changing technologies and cybersecurity or pursue your MBA so you can start that business you always meant to start.

Get Active as a Family to Boost Children’s Physical Health

The best way to raise physically healthy children is to engage in fun physical activities as a family. If your children grow up creating memories and experiencing joy alongside you, they will have lifelong associations of health with happiness.

Hiking is wildly popular with families, and there is a good reason for it. Kids love exploring and hiking offers a sense of adventure. For your first hikes, choose trails that have interesting features along the way to help engage your child’s attention.

Kids love water play, and there are many options for it: lakes, beaches, pools, and waterparks. Likewise, local parks are a great place to get physical as a family. Go geocaching, play some ball or ride a bike if it’s permitted. You don’t have to leave your backyard, though. Make your home a place where kids can be active. For example, install a basketball hoop or a trampoline or invest in some yard games that you can play together.

Sign up for martial arts together. Taekwondo has been proven to have both mental and physical health benefits. Those who engage in martial arts profit from increased strength and balance and lower blood pressure. They also build self-esteem and strengthen the ability to focus while teaching important concepts like integrity and perseverance.

By working on both mental and physical health as a family, everyone wins. Engage with your children, model the behaviors you want to see and maintain an open dialogue. Your children’s happy and healthy lives will be the reward for your hard work.