Dear QH Ballers,

What are you waiting for, QH training is here right now and ready to take your game another level!  Check out this short video clip of a training session (we have many of these clips both in person & virtual)–

Are you ready to Step Up Your Game and join me in training this November?  Don’t lose out on this amazing training opportunity that are very cost effective!

Virtual training is so rewarding because I can personally train so many players in our QH Familyfrom all around the world.  Anyone, anywhere can now connect with me and get started in some serious, no nonsense training, whether it is skill development or mental toughness training.

Below is our November schedule.  Don’t wait, register for a training session and reserve your spot today!

Please review theVirtual 1 on 1, group training and mental toughness class’s below.  All you have to do is find a time slot that works for you.  The system works easy and efficiently and operates on a first come basis. Sign Up Today!!

You can reach me directly with questions you might have:

Cell: 425-736-1870


Complete Training Schedule and Registration Links

Virtual 1 on 1 Training by Sign-Up

1 on 1: $20 for a half hour session

Training Schedule and Registration Link

Virtual Group Training by Sign-Up

2 Players: $25 each for an hour session

3 to 10 Players: $20 each for an hour session

Training Schedule and Registration Link

Virtual Mental Toughness Training Classes by Sign-Up

Class Cost: $15

Class Schedule and Registration Link

Note: Topics will range from handling pressure, developing confidence, discipline, being clutch and more…

Don’t miss out, sign up today!!


1. ***All Virtual Training Sessions & Classes Attended will be billed and invoiced at the end of each month. 

2. Schedule is subject to change

3. For additional Virtual Training Options: Individual-Small Group-Team

Contact Coach Mendo for pricing and availability:

In Person (face to face)Training

In Person Availability: 3 hours daily – times are flexible: 

1 Player:

Indoor Court: $60 for an hour session

Outside Court: $55 for an hour session

2 Players: 

Indoor Court: $35 for an hour session

Outside Court: $30 for an hour session

All In Person Training (1 on 1; Small Group; Team Clinic Training) 

Contact Coach Mendo directly for payment process and availability:

Note: In Person Availability is flexible: Contact Coach directly regarding scheduling and package deals.

Thank you-

Coach Mendo

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