Dear QH Ballers,
I am pleased to announce our September skill/mental toughness development training program.
These are unparalleled times that all of us have had to face and adapt too.  Our QH program did not fold(, but focused on the best ways to still provide quality training instead of throwing in the towel, making excuses, or giving up.  So we created a virtual training program that over the course of (approximately) a 5 month period, I am pleased to announce we directed well over 150 virtual (training sessions) that benefitted numerous QH ballers.
Virtual training is so rewarding for me because I personally was able to train so many of our QH families from all around the world.
Below is our September schedule.  All registrations will be billed at the end of each month.
Please review the Virtual 1 on 1, group training, and mental toughness class below.  All you have to do is find a time slot that works for you.  The system works on a first-come (basis).
You can reach me directly with any questions:Cell: 425-736-1870Email:
Virtual Skill/Mental Toughness TrainingVirtual Group 1 on 1 Training by Sign-Up1 on 1: $20 for a half-hour sessionTrainingSchedule and registration Link
Virtual Group Training by Sign-Up2 Players: $25 for an hour session3 to 10 Players: $20 for an hour sessionTrainingSchedule and registration Link
Virtual Mental Toughness Training Classes by Sign-UpRaise The Bar ClassClass Cost: $25.00ClassSchedule and registration Link
Don’t miss out, sign up today!!
Notes: 1. All Virtual Training Sessions & Classes Scheduled will be billed and invoiced at the end of each month. 2. The schedule is subject to change3. Additional Virtual Training OptionsContact Coach Mendo for pricing and availability:
In-Person (face to face)TrainingIn-Person Availability: 3 hours daily – times are flexible: 1 Player: Indoor Court: $60 for an hour session outside Court: $55 for an hour session
2 Players: Indoor Court: $35 for an hour session outside Court: $30 for an hour session
All In-Person Training (1 on 1; Small Group; Team Clinic Training) Contact Coach Mendo directly for payment process and availability:
Note: In-Person Availability: 3 hours daily-times are flexible: Contact Coach directly regarding scheduling and package deals.

Thank you-

Coach Mendo