Quick Handle Families,

Just a reminder to sign up for the Virtual Shooting Competition Camp Starting on Monday July 13-15!


QH is also excited to announce our July 13-19, 2020 schedule. We know how difficult these times are, so we have decided to offer all of these training opportunities for free. That’s right – whether it’s a camp, a mental training class, or one on one training, there is no payment for the training. Our goal is to provide quality virtual training during part or the entire summer for all of our QH ballers. Later, down the road, we will send out a no obligation link with an opportunity to donate based on the training provided by Quick Handle. We are believing that if we work hard, all of our families who have signed up for some of the free-virtual training this summer, will give a generous donation to Quick Handle in order to help us survive and sustain our basketball training program through this difficult time. So take advantage of the free training and we believe that everything will work out.

Here are a couple of testimonials that demonstrate that virtual training can be a difference maker!

From Jason:
By attending Coach Mendo’s virtual camps, I’m getting one step ahead of everyone else!  You have to have ME (Maximum Effort)and MT (Maximize Time) to be a dedicated athlete and complete person.

From Julie:
I am very lucky to have Coach Mendo’s Virtual Camp support and guide me in a time no one is willing or is dedicated to go above and beyond.  I’m getting better, and I Want It More than the next person (IWIM) 

All you need is a basketball, some pavement to dribble, a hoop if possible to execute drills and moves and develop footwork, zoom and a device.  So there are no excuses to step up and achieve your unstoppable mentality!  Sign up for training today!!

July 13-15  Virtual Camp Schedule

1 on 1 Training
July 13-19  Virtual 1 on 1 Schedule

Mental Toughness Training Class
July 18 – Virtual Mental Toughness Class Schedule: Fighting to Win!

More detailed information: https://quickhandle.com/free-virtual-training/

Please contact me directly if you have questions.  Also, if you are interested regarding in-person 1 on 1 or small group training, please reach out to me to discuss this further.

Email:  coach@quickhandle.builderallwp.com
Cell: 425-736-1870
How Bad Do You Want It!

Coach Mendo

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