The 4 F’s of Success!

At a Quick Handle Basketball Camp you will experience the following: 

1. Friendship- Our camps are designed to create opportunities to get outside your comfort zone and meet new friends from other schools or locations.  The bonding and interaction that is unique to our camp experience cannot be replicated in another type of setting.  Camp time is a special opportunity to forge new relationships that can last a life time.

2. Fun- The QH camp experience is forged in a setting where music is being played to intense drill repetition.  What a blast to be working your tail off while the music is blasting and you are getting pumped up dreaming of the goals you want to achieve.  And all of this drill repetition is done while working and sweating alongside fellow campers which is a rush of adrenalin and intensity that cannot be duplicated.  Fun prizes and give-aways  called “hungaii” (our camp name for give away competition prizes) is a major component of the camp experience that balances and compliments the intensity and competition of the camp.  The entire camp experience is based on hard work complimented by short intervals of fun designed to provide the total camp experience.

3. Fundamentals- Skill development is the major thrust of the total QH camp experience.  3000-4000 repetitions of unique drills and moves a day are a part of developing the complete player.  Hard work pays huge dividends and a camp like QH provides this unique opportunity.  The saying is true “no gain without pain”.  Playing in tournaments is not going to give you the specialized skill training, discipline and work ethic that our camps provide.  Think about investment and return and I guarantee you that a QH camp experience will provide more return to a players individual skill improvement base then just going around and playing games.

4. Fierce competition- Good camps like QH feature solid skill development training, complimented with intense and specific competitions designed to measure skill progress.  Our competitions are extremely challenging, producing confidence, maximizing skill development and producing mental toughness.

In conclusion, QH is so unique and unlike any other basketball service you must seize the opportunity!  The QH format is incredibly specialized and rare making it impossible to duplicate! The memories last forever and the growth is one of a kind. The four Fs create an opportunity that isn’t worth missing!!

Coach Mendo

Success is not an Option, it’s a Reality!!