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The Spartan Warrior

The Spartan Warrior Spirit

True winners are warriors not whiners! I hope this motivational newsletter gets you pumped up to go batte with fierceness on the court.

I don’t know how many of you watched the movie ‘300’. I certainly would not recommend it for children. It is violent and I do not advocate nor would I encourage any young person to view it. However, I found the movie fascinating in observing the warrior spirit that embodied the Spartan soldier.

I found three principles from this movie that I felt could be applied to every basketball player who is striving to be the best that they can be.

D-3 Acronym

  1. Dedication; the level of commitment for a Spartan warrior was unprecedented. It began at an early age and continued on throughout life. This dedication was so complete and thorough that nothing could remove its level of focus and commitment. If you want to be the best at anything and specifically basketball, then you must be committed and dedicated with the utmost of everything that is within you.
  2. Determination; Because of a Spartans unwavering dedication to discipline, determination to win and be successful was a natural byproduct. In fact, determination can best be evident through adversity. The Spartans were always outmatched and out manned in their battles. Yet their unwavering determination to win, based on their intense training and dedication pushed them to victory every time. You have to have single minded focus and determination to achieve your goal. Like the Spartans, don’t let anything or anybody tell you that you can’t achieve greatness!
  3. Dependence; I know this characteristic at face value, sounds a little strange. But with the Spartan warrior, this principle is evident in their greatness. The Spartans depended on mentoring from their leaders, dependence upon their fellow warriors to have their back in battle and dependence upon the spirit and the code that they shared TOGETHER as ONE, that gave them a spirit to fight at a capacity greater than even their own abilities allowed. This principle is so important and cannot be overestimated! Many young basketball players do not rely and depend on your coaches, mentors and parents, to help you achieve your goals. A know-it-all attitude and a mind set that thinks you can achieve goals without the help of others is pure fantasy. When you are of one mind with those who truly care about you and want you to succeed and you partner with them and depend upon their wisdom and insight, you will put yourself in a great position to accomplish great things and achieve your goals & dreams.
Overachiever or Underachiever?  The choice is yours.  Apply the D-3 acronym for success!

Coach Mendo

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