BIG NEWS!!!  NEW WEBSITES COMPLETED After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that we have launched our 2 new web sites – Quick Handle & Maximizing Your Results!  Please take a moment to look at both websites and let us know what you think. ​...

Be a Difference Maker!

Dear Friends and Family, I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share with you our end of the year Raffle campaign in hopes that you would consider stepping up to help us. End of The Year Raffle! Now is a great time to take part in this raffle and help Next Step...

Private 1 on 1 Training Fall 2018

QUICK HANDLE FALL BASKETBALL TRAINING MAXIMIZED BASKETBALL TRAINING  It’s time to have that zoom focus and look to Quick Handle to provide the best training tailored made to meet your needs. QH provides 1 on 1 private and mental toughness training with 25 years...
Private Training Weekly Schedule
Training Schedule
Week 4-22-28

Training Slots available this week.
Wednesday: 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm slots
Friday: 3-4pm, 4-5pm, 5-6pm slots
Saturday: I will be available to train but it will depend on my AAU game schedule

Please call, text or email to confirm a slot.

Cell: 425-736-1870
Email: coach@quickhandle.com

Thanks and have a great week! Coach Mendo