Susan Friedmann

This engaging and informative book reveals a simple, powerful recipe that focuses on core values, principles, and ideals. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in winning the game of life.

Keith Kreiter

Life is a series of tests and struggles. What you do to overcome obstacles—how you react—is the difference between success and failure. Wayne Mendezona is a great example of someone who has an amazing capacity to exemplify the courage, conviction, and commitment to go...

Dr. Eric Scroggins

Wayne Mendezona’s book Maximizing Your Results is a must read for every person in business or simply in the business of life. Wayne delivers tools and concepts that will drive you to the top.

Joey Roppo

I have had Wayne Mendezona as a mentor, coach, and trainer for over twelve years. His motivational techniques inspire me daily to strive for greatness as an athlete and a person! I consider my current successes a direct reflection of what he has taught me! It is a...

Sean Quigley LUTCF

Coach Mendo delivers an uplifting and powerful message on how personal strength and perseverance can overcome incredible physical obstacles. He is a role model for all, and his personal journey and story is a great example of how, through extraordinary human spirit...