Coach Mendo,

Looking back at the last 3 days I think I was more pumped up than some of the campers.  I’ve had many different coaches over the years, but your stuff gets me hyped up like no other.  I can honestly say that after only 3 days.  I will definitely take some of your philosophies and drills into my coaching career.  The camp has also motivated me to reinvent my game even post college at 26!  I thought at times I would’ve moved on from the game of basketball by now, but my passion for the game has never faded and these 3 days it has grown so much more.  Basketball is a privilege like you said and I’ve always respected the game because it taught me how to earn things with good ol fashioned hard work.  No excuses.  No handouts.  Warrior mentality…I’m probably preaching’ to the choir right now, but I’m in the zone as I’m typing this!

I didn’t know you would be talking to the kids about Jesus in the camp.  Once I found out I truly knew I was there for God’s purposes.  Not only was I able to have the opportunity to help and encourage the kids, but I also got challenged personally.  I accepted Christ at a very young age and have had my battles like anyone else.  This summer I’ve been in an up and down struggle with what I want vs what God wants …well God wins that matchup because it’s about God’s will in our lives and that resonated with me when you spoke.  I’m very confident, inspired, and encouraged after hearing your stories and testimony.  Life is so much more than what we touch, see, or feel.  Awesome stuff right there.  Time for me to get some rest, but in closing I’ll say this, “I’m going to win the war”.  Thanks again Coach.

– Andy Siverly