Tom Trimble is a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in Sports Performance and Corrective Exercise.  His Zoom classes for athletes are an intense, exercise-packed hour of stability, mobility, core strength, and body integration.  He balances performance enhancement with injury prevention and teaches exercises that athletes can do on their own as well.

For basketball players there will be specific emphasis on lateral explosive power, reactive “spring” and eccentric strength in the feet, balance, and the connections through the middle of the body that allow quick, crisp changes of direction on the court.  Athletes will need to have a bottle of water (for balancing as well as drinking), a roll of masking tape, and a chair.

Specific, basketball-focused Zoom training with Tom is every Saturday at 11:30am.  Contact Tom directly at to get an invitation and password for the class.  The fee is $15 per athlete.

For a look at Tom’s training and programs, go to

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