QH Challenge:

These are unprecedented times we are living in. What each player does now will test their fortitude and either put them ahead of the pack or behind the 8 ball when things return back to normal. Quick Handle is offering virtual training in camps, 1 on 1 training, and mental toughness classes. And I will be leading all the training.  All you need is a basketball, some pavement to dribble and execute drills, zoom, and a device.  So there are no excuses to step up and achieve your unstoppable mentality!  Sign up for training today!!
Virtual June Summer Camp Training Schedule

June Virtual 1 on 1 Schedule

June Virtual Mental Toughness Schedule

More detailed information: https://quickhandle.com/quick-handle-virtual-summer-training-is-live/Please contact me directly if you have questions.  Also, if you are interested in-person 1 on 1 or small group training, please reach out to me to discuss this further.Email:  coach@quickhandle.comCell: 425-736-1870Distractions Can Become Subtractions!

Coach Mendo
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