Motivational Speaking

Wayne Mendezona (Coach Mendo) has coached at the college level for 11 years as a head coach and 3 years as an assistant coach. He also coached overseas for 8 years, and played in Europe for 4 years. His unique blend of experience has proved to be a valuable and trustworthy guide to both players and coaches. Coach Mendo knows what it takes to dream big and then develop a game plan and work hard to get there. Read more about Coach Mendo’s personal story to understand how seriously we take developing the complete player and person.


Developing grit off the court is just as essential as developing it on the court. From his years of experience, Coach Mendo knows that confidence and learning how to handle the pressure of the game are foundational to finding success. Using his platform as a coach and player, Coach Mendo has instructed and inspired thousands of players in identifying their goals and working toward them as persons of integrity.


As a Christian and a coach, Wayne Mendezona has been able to share his personal and powerful testimony at camps and training sessions both in the United States and overseas. His coaching philosophy therefore encourages players to maximize their potential physically, socially, academically and spiritually, step-by-step. With tenacity, energy and passion, Coach Mendo and his staff are committed to teaching Christian principles that promote a relationship with God, family values, respect for others and a disciplined lifestyle.


Coach Mendo’s message of creative motivation, dynamic principles and interactive platforms are designed to produce quick and sustainable results. These principles translate to a variety of settings including corporations, small businesses, educational institutions and other organizations that want to raise their team morale, service or product ventures to a winning position.

Wayne is a charismatic communicator who will not only instruct, but share insight into this contagious passion for life. He says, “I want to inspire people to become all they can be, and to achieve the dreams and goals to achieve exceptional greatness. We all have the ability. We just need to refine our capability.”


This engaging and informative book reveals a simple, powerful recipe that focuses on core values, principles, and ideals. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in winning the game of life.

Susan Friedmann
CSP, International Best-Selling Author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market

Life is a series of tests and struggles. What you do to overcome obstacles—how you react—is the difference between success and failure. Wayne Mendezona is a great example of someone who has an amazing capacity to exemplify the courage, conviction, and commitment to go for anything you want to achieve in life.

Keith Kreiter
Founder/CEO, NBA Agent of Record, Edge Sports International, Inc.

Wayne Mendezona’s book Maximizing Your Results is a must read for every person in business or simply in the business of life. Wayne delivers tools and concepts that will drive you to the top.

Dr. Eric Scroggins
Author of Vision Blockers: How to Shatter Barriers to Achieve Your Destiny

I have had Wayne Mendezona as a mentor, coach, and trainer for over twelve years. His motivational techniques inspire me daily to strive for greatness as an athlete and a person! I consider my current successes a direct reflection of what he has taught me! It is a true blessing that God crossed our paths!

Joey Roppo
College Player, Central Washington University

Coach Mendo delivers an uplifting and powerful message on how personal strength and perseverance can overcome incredible physical obstacles. He is a role model for all, and his personal journey and story is a great example of how, through extraordinary human spirit and hard work, anyone can achieve his or her goals. His inspirational message will benefit your audience for years to come.

Sean Quigley LUTCF
Author of The Cash Play: Capitalizing on the Opportunity Value of Cash, Wall of Fame Producer, Ohio National Financial Services, Member of Million Dollar Round Table

Wayne has been a longtime colleague and friend. I can’t think of anyone I know who demonstrates more passion and tenacity. I have always drawn a tremendous amount of encouragement and energy from my relationship with Coach Mendo, and I am confident you’ll take away some valuable insights from this book.

Jim Hall
College Athletic Director, Spring Hill College

For the past twenty years, I have personally observed Coach Mendo encourage others with his passionate motivational talks. He generates excitement and connects to his listeners in ways that challenge them to generate true change in their lives. This book is a reflection of his key performance principles that will move you on the road to exceptional accomplishments.

John Mohan
President, John Mohan Business Consulting, LLC

In business as in life, the goal is to maximize your results. In this new book, Wayne Mendezona presents a compelling blueprint of exactly how to make your dreams become reality.

Tim Reiterman
Procurement Manager for the Boeing Company

Coach Wayne Mendezona’s book is an example of the mindset it takes to win in business, athletics, or life. This book cuts no corners and will inspire you to strive for excellence and be a difference maker. Thank you, Coach Mendezona, for your heart and dedication to others.

Marvin Williams
Health & Wellness Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Every now and again, you meet someone who changes your life, inspires you to greatness, and epitomizes the true meaning of leadership. ‘Coach Mendo’ is that ‘one’ who will inspire you to greatness and maximizes your fullest potential deep down inside. Not only is he one of the most passionate speakers of our time, but this book will become a classic and a ‘must have’ addition for your collection. Read this book, listen to his message, and you will be on the right track to achieving your destiny!

Patrick Snow
Publishing Coach and International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

We all want to do well and succeed in life, but true greatness only comes to those who never believe in ‘good enough.’ Wayne Mendezona teaches us that if we maximize our efforts, we will maximize our results. And any man in his mid-fifties who has the courage and endurance to run a fifty-mile ultramarathon is someone I’m going to listen to. The advice Coach Mendo gives in Maximizing Your Results is spot on no matter what dream you are pursuing. After reading this book, ‘maximize’ is my new favorite word and soon it will be yours, too!

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and award-winning author of The Best Place and Arthur’s Legacy

In our fiercely competitive world, it’s refreshing to see courageous individuals who aren’t afraid to articulate timeless truths. Too many times today, truth gets eroded and curtailed by many of our ‘leaders’ because they desire to pander to current public opinion, driven by our media-obsessed culture. Those who are committed to their own value-based message, regardless of current public opinion, act as a ‘guiding beacon of light’ for effective leadership. Coach Mendo is one such leader. His message is simple, direct, and to the point. The results-driven principles he shares in his book are easy and applicable to anyone’s life. He delivers his message in a matter-of-fact, entertaining way. The results one can achieve by applying these principles will be astounding… whatever your chosen endeavor in life.

G. Scott Martin
MBA, MPM, Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

As my former coach and mentor for the past twenty years, Wayne Mendezona is a walking testimonial for what it means to dig deep and achieve greatness, far exceeding what others and sometimes our own thoughts and beliefs tell us we can achieve. Maximizing Your Results lays out the blueprint for anyone wanting to set aside mediocrity and shoot for excellence in any arena, including athletics, personal fitness, business, and even in life.

Brett Wille
Middle School Principal and Former Player for Coach Mendo

“From the moment I met Coach Mendo and saw him speak, I knew the word ‘relentless’ hardly does justice to describing his passion and drive for excellence. Wayne Mendezona’s book takes no shortcuts with this practical approach to connecting dreams to reality in sports, your career, and life. This read is a real gem and game changer!”

Quinn Wirth
PMO Director and Youth Basketball Coach

“Wayne has the unique ability to inspire and motivate everyday people to achieve more than they could ever imagine. If the odds are stacked against you and you are stuck in a humdrum life, listen to what he has to share. Your life will never be the same! I experienced this transformation in my own life and witnessed it in others.”

John M. Brown
Elementary School Teacher and Former Teammate

“Coach Mendo is a man of passion and purpose who has dedicated his life to inspiring others to achieve the most out of their own. The positive impact he has had on my coaching career, many of my players, and even my own children has been profound. I encourage you to read his words of inspiration so you too can strive to reach your potential.”

Steve Kramer
KG Investment Management, Principal and Head Boys Basketball Coach, Eastlake High School, Sammamish, Washington

“As one of my former players, Wayne has grown into a man who understands what hard work, commitment, loyalty, and the love of his fellow man really mean. From a young junior college player, to a four-year college and professional player, and then as an international coach, he has done it all. As a great motivator, I’m sure his book will appeal to a wide variety of readers.”

Cy Perkins
Retired Umpqua Community College Coach/Athletic Director

“Winning in business, athletics, or life is a matter of heart and requires a determined mindset. Having experienced Wayne Mendezona as both a coach and an athlete, I know that he lives what he teaches. He knows and executes on exactly what it takes to strive for excellence and be a difference maker.”

Tom Trimble
Corrective Exercise and Sports Performance Specialist

“Coach Mendo’s impact on my life went well beyond my journey through the game of college basketball. His passion for leadership molded me into becoming a leader in my walk outside of the game, including in raising a family, being a good husband, and demonstrating leadership to those walking life’s path by my side, both personally and professionally.”

Jimmy Potts
AAU Youth Basketball Coach and Former Player for Coach Mendo

“Having coached basketball at many levels for forty-two years, I can say with extreme confidence that I’ve never been involved with a more passionate and dedicated young man than Wayne Mendezona. His talent and respect for the game have been second to none. I have always believed that Wayne would make a tremendous contribution to the game of basketball and life.”

Paul Kautz
NIAA Basketball Hall of Fame Coach, 2014, Wayne Mendezona’s Coach 1974-1977, Reed High School, Sparks, Nevada

“Wayne Mendezona has been on the cutting edge of profound teaching that is unique, revolutionary, and life-transforming. As his friend from youth, I have personally witnessed Wayne’s leadership in winning ways both on the court and in his commitment to servant leadership. Maximizing Your Results is a must read!”

Ken Cervantes
Consulting Principal in the Department of Professional Learning, Washoe County School District

“For many years, I have known Coach Mendo in his coaching and Quick Handle Clinics. I’ve even had our grandson go to his clinics. He does a fantastic job in pointing out what really counts in life and the work needed to accomplish that goal.”

Jim Skagen
Junior High, High School and College Head Men’s Basketball Coach and Professor (37 years), European Pro- League Coach (2 years)

“I have been blessed to have a great working relationship and a continued friendship with Coach Mendo. Knowing how we have talked and worked through life’s tests and struggles together, I know his new book will give everyone the key knowledge required to have the Championship Mindset for success!”

Jim Holcomb
Director of Athletics, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Simpson University

“My life was forever changed when I was privileged enough to play under Coach Mendo. He is passionate, inspiring, and influential in a way that challenges and empowers anyone he comes into contact with to raise the bar in all areas of life. I am forever grateful that his greatness impacted my life. He truly understands how to help people maximize their results and achieve their personal best on and off the court.”

Troy Fast
Vice Principal, Manteca High School, Manteca

“In a world full of the voices of political correctness, agenda-driven empty rhetoric, and half-truths comes the voice of Coach Wayne Mendezona, filled with realness both spoken and lived out. Coach Mendo’s voice is motivated by a heart genuinely concerned about people’s souls, hearts, and dreams. He can’t take you there, but he can show you the path if you have the heart to go.”

David Book
Mentor, Husband, and Father

“What a privilege to be an ongoing mentor of Coach Mendo. Wayne has given back to me the only repayment every mentor demands—a life of integrity, passion, and intense pursuit of a purposeful life. This book is not another philosophy to consider for life. Instead, it is a portrayal of how, in real life, to capture the concept of going to the next level of success. Born out of Wayne’s blood, sweat, and tears, this book inspires its readers not only to dream again, but also to find their way to living those dreams.”

Pastor Don Foor

“Life change and transformation begin with making a decisive decision not to accept limitations but to stare impossibilities in the face and destroy fears. Coach Mendo’s twenty years of experience as a coach, professional trainer, motivational speaker, and business owner provide a foundation of compelling insights, transferrable concepts, and inspirational life-changing principles wrapped up in this extraordinary book.”

Craig Sigl
Youth Sports Mental Toughness Trainer

“Coach Mendo at one time was not ‘Coach’ but a very good player for me in his college years—a determined point guard who could be used as a scoring guard or a true point. He has always been a person of ‘passion,’ which I believe is a critical characteristic of most people who achieve success. He and I would talk frequently about goals for his life both on the court and off the court. He became one of the few players I coached who was committed to a relationship with God and did everything he could to keep that goal aligned with his basketball goals. Wayne was one of those rare players who always believed he could become the best player on the court in any given game no matter what the competition looked like. His ability not to be intimidated by any opponent always
gave him an edge. If you listen when he speaks, I am sure you will understand the passion and love for the game of basketball and life that is needed for success. He inspired and challenged his teammates in college, and he will challenge you today, to make a difference in your approach to life, basketball, and God.”

Coach Tim Collins
College and University Coach (38 years), and European Pro-League Coach (3 years)

“I have personally known Wayne’s pursuit of excellence in all three areas: athletics, business, and life. I have also witnessed people following the very examples and principles Wayne writes about, and I have seen how, indeed, their results were maximized. A must read.”

Dean Toy
Research Scientist

“Over the top and right on point, Coach Mendo is a man on a mission. His work shows us that maximizing potential and supercharging achievement is possible. He teaches a motivational adherence to a life of integrity, honesty, and discipline that will replace a life of mediocrity and doubt. His ‘get real’ and ‘get tough’ approach to a maximized life uniquely prepares us, and it is ultimately freeing to those who dare risk grabbing hold of their dreams.”

Chris Price
Educator and Business Professional

“Winning in business, athletics, or life is a matter of heart and requires a determined mindset. In Maximizing Your Results, Wayne Mendezona cuts no corners but provides inspiring stories from his playing and coaching days of what it takes to strive for excellence and be a difference maker. As an eighty-six-year-old man, I have witnessed many individuals striving for excellence in all areas of life and can truly say that I have never met a person like Wayne who has the dedication and determination to be a ‘winner’ and maximize his results. This book is a must read!”

Robert J. Fratesi
Retired Business Owner


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how beneficial your shooting camp was for our son Noah who attended the Mtn. Home camp this year. He has always been a reluctant shooter, but knew this year he will be the oldest, most experienced kid on his team and will need to step up and take more shots. After camp he kept saying “mom, Coach Mendo totally transformed my shot”. Today we got to see that in action. He played in a 3 on 3 tournament several months ago and decided to try the 3 point competition. I believe he made 3 then. He played pretty timid still, but they managed to come away winning the tournament. Today he had another tournament. He made 9 3’s which placed him first in his age bracket (12 and under). He played so aggressive and pulled lots of quick shots. They didn’t always go in, but he had the confidence to keep shooting. His ball handling he learned from last year, and shooting format he learned this year have completely changed his game. We encourage everyone we know to attend. Well worth the money and by far the best camp this area has!! Thank you so much for all you do for these kids!!!

Quick Trigger Shooting Camp Testimonial

We loved the camp, loved the structure and the fact that they bounce the ball to the rhythm of fast music which allows them to bounce it more and practice a whole lot without realizing it. So much improvement each time! I started bringing Coach Wayne Mendezona, “Coach Mendo” out to Missouri each year to help our whole team and even the area kids, even after our kids were no longer playing. It was fantastic. I recall one boy going past me talking to his Mom, He said, “I am so tired… But I am so excited I get to come back tomorrow!!” The kids loved the camp and came away better. One group of girls had many who had never played basketball. They came to the Quick Handle camp, worked hard at camp and were better than their peers. They won over and over in their careers as a team, and later won state! Coach Mendo not only teaches skills in basketball but when he lets them sit down for a few minutes here and there, He shares life experiences and gives them life skills as well! Great Coach, Great family, Great Camp. I Highly recommend Quick Handle!


Fantastic ball handling development in fun yet disciplined camps


This is a well-designed camp with a lot of thought put into it. Although there were times when it seemed Staffing was a little light, kids were engaged and there was a lot of activity going on.


My kids have gone to this camp the last 3 years and have been pushed physically and mentally. Thankful for the basketball and life skills they walk way with knowing.


My kids have been to many sports camps and training sessions, but Quick Handle is the one camp that I could clearly see a difference in their skill set after completing – especially in ball handling. A great organization!!!!


kind, supportive, talent nurturing, building, growing athletes, affirming, caring as much about the inside of the athlete as the outer talent. Can’t say enough good things about Quickhandle!.


Mendo is a one of a kind. Perhaps one of the best all around trainers my girls have experienced. Ball skills, shooting, reading screens, implementation of ball skills into scoring all the way to teaching correct mentality for success.

Clark J

Loved listening to your message “Dig Deep”.  I tell you…you are a great motivational speaker, not only for basketball, but for everything.  You would do great in the business world teaching your brand of leadership and positive energy.  I’ve heard many people and I feel you are one of the best.

These words were so resonating: “No excuses, don’t accept mediocrity, dream big, push to the max, go for it…but all this is not easy”.

I also love to hear that you get parents involved.  Get them pumped up.  Demand excellence.  Love that kind of talk!  This is working together – Coach Mendo, staff, parents, teammates maximizing the kid’s potential and love of the game.

I spoke with both of my sons (going on 8th and 10th).  We want to signup for the Point Guard Camp Aug 5-8th.  I need to take a look at the website again – couldn’t find where you register on-line though.

Joon Chang

We loved the camp, loved the structure and the fact that they bounce the ball to the rhythm of fast music which allows them to bounce it more and practice a whole lot without realizing it. So much improvement each time! I started bringing Coach Wayne Mendezona, “Coach Mendo” out to Missouri each year to help our whole team and even the area kids, even after our kids were no longer playing. It was fantastic. I recall one boy going past me talking to his Mom, He said, “I am so tired… But I am so excited I get to come back tomorrow!!” The kids loved the camp and came away better. One group of girls had many who had never played basketball. They came to the Quick Handle camp, worked hard at camp and were better than their peers. They won over and over in their careers as a team, and later won state! Coach Mendo not only teaches skills in basketball but when he lets them sit down for a few minutes here and there, He shares life experiences and gives them life skills as well! Great Coach, Great family, Great Camp. I Highly recommend Quick Handle!



Mark has attended Coach Mendezona’s camps since he was in his first years of recreational basketball to playing for premier select teams.

It speaks volumes to watch Coach Mendezona’s kids at the clinics and camps. They are not only incredible basketball players (ranging from college teams to grade school), but are positive role models off the court as well.


Coach Mendezona teaches the mental and physical components of the game.

  1. Integrity – coach shares life experiences with the kids that help them realize that integrity is a key ingredient to life
  2. Mental toughness – everyone gets knocked down – but those that get back up and continue the battle win
  3. Compete with yourself – the measuring stick is your own personal improvement
  4. Incredible ball handling skills
  5. Quick Trigger shooting
  6. Offensive and Defensive techniques

Bottom line – Quick Handle wastes no time in getting it done. Kid’s notice their results quickly, and want to keep coming back for more.

Try it out – you won’t be sorry.

Kimberly Lieberman, Client
Woodinville Washington

My daughter came home from school one day in the seventh grade and told me she wanted to play basketball in college. She is only 5 feet 4 inches tall but with a competitive and big heart. One of the first things I investigated was to find basketball training for my daughter knowing that fundamentals and skill development were very important to succeed. I did my research and found a camp in Kirkland, Wash called Quick Handle ran by Coach Mendezona. I was so impressed how he taught the kids dribbling skills that I signed up for other camps as well. My daughter loved to go to Coach Mendo’s camps because she was challenged and got better each time. His training, skill development and the mental approach to the game has influenced her success more than anymore. I am proud to say that my daughter will be playing basketball at a Division 2 school next year. I want to thank Coach Mendo and Quick Handle for dramatically improving her as a basketball player.

Mr. Reiterman, Client
Father of Player

Coach Mendo has created an exceptional skill development program for basketball players who really want to succeed. The objectives are so clearly defined that the students know exactly what is being taught and how it is evaluated. This is not a ‘fluff, just keep the kids busy’ program. Many basketball players return year after year to learn the more complex skills. I highly recommend the program.

John Mohan
Educator, Author, Professional Athlete

I am a friend of Tommy Lizotte, who is the father of Nikhill Lizotte, who is your point guard on your 8th grade Quick Handle team. I was Nikhill Lizotte’s football coach this year, what a great kid he is to coach.

I just want to take a moment to tell you I watched your 8th grade Quick Handle Gold Team play 3 different times this weekend in the Best of The West Tournament in Yakima this last weekend. I saw your game against Friends Of Hoop, the quarterfinal game against the Seattle Rotary and your championship game against Team Washington.

I must tell you your team is the best middle school aged team I have ever seen come through Yakima and I have officiated the Best of The West tournament for many years. The reason I make that statement is because your team plays such great team ball & is so unselfish.

We all know that these elite tournaments consist of teams made up of all superstars, but to me what was so impressive about your team was the way they played as a team, sharing the ball, setting each other up and playing unbelievable team defense and the most intense totally dialed in group of kids I have seen. It is a real testament to you as a coach, because I have seen a lot of elite teams in AAU and I have just never seen a team with all those attributes I just listed.

My son and I sat a few rows behind your bench in the championship game and we constantly heard you reminding your team that it is not about one individual it’s about togetherness. I loved the way you challenged your big tall center (I believe his name is Cal) when he was on the bench in the first half when you told him to start being a leader etc etc. All in all it was just an absolute treat to watch your team play and to see youth basketball played with such a premium on a complete team concept.

Looking forward to watching your team play in the future.

Demian Walter

Our kids have been coming to your camp for the past three years and they love it! They have built up their skill level and confidence each time they attend the camp. We always make sure we mention Quick Handle™ whenever we hear someone talking about basketball camps. You’re the best!

John Mohan & the Singh Family

My son, KJ, has always played the post. KJ went to the Quick Handle Ball Handling Camp and it was the best camp my son has ever gone to. I like the fact that the camp focused on one aspect of the game. The camp was very affordable and was the best money I’ve ever spent on a camp. There was a very noticeable change not only in his ball handling but more importantly in his confidence and his work ethic. The” can do” attitude that Coach Mendo teaches is what I teach my son, but coming from an outside influence really validated what I am teaching my son. Coach Mendo is not only a great ball handling coach but more importantly he is a great role model and influence on the kids attending his camp. This year I will put both my 14-yr old and 8-yr old sons in the camp. If your child is serious about playing the game of basketball, I guarantee you this camp will be the best thing you can do for your student athlete.

Kevin Smith, Client
Concord, California