VOW is a unique word that conveys powerful connotations.  It is a word of supreme commitment and a level of being utterly sold out to a cause.  A vow goes beyond a goal in the sense that it is more proactive and forward thinking with the idea of complete devotion and accomplishment.  Though humanly speaking, no one can fully predict the future or be boastful enough about 100% guaranteeing the future.  Nevertheless, the idea of a VOW is radical and when applied towards basketball dreams and goals, will produce excellence and amazing results.

I have broken down the basic elements of the acronym VOW to challenge and motivate you in digging deeper and striving to have an invincible spirit;

V– Vicious;  this has the idea of a ferocious intent to battle in such a way that you will not be denied.  Viciousness has a certain edge, a nasty, attacking disposition that is embedded in winning and accomplishing a feat.

O– Over-comer;  an over-comer loves a challenge.  When the odds are against you, an overcoming spirit to fulfill a vow defies all odds and succeeds in spite a; lack of resources, athleticism, upbringing, culture, injuries and politics.  An over-comer does not make excuses.

W– Warrior;  a warrior is one who is so focused on accomplishing a goal that they leave a mark on the battle field.  They live with the motto “you will know who I am before this competition is over”.  A warrior has personal battle scars as well.  You can‘t ever think that you can fulfill a VOW without some visible and tangible scars from the battle that is on you.  As a warrior, you will get respect from your opponents, teammates, coaches and fans that you had a warrior mentality and you were ready to pay whatever cost to get the job done.  A warrior mentality arrives early, stays late, believes against all odds and works relentlessly more than his peers could ever think about.

The question is;  Is the acronym VOW branded on your chest, pulsating in your heart, flowing through your veins and rocking your world and everybody else’s world that you enter into?  Make no mistake about it; a VOW is a badge of honor that is a cut above the rest of the pack.  When you wear the badge of VOW and it is the hallmark of your pursuit towards greatness, everyone you come in touch with will know that you are different, special and you will be a leader not a follower.  Think about what can stop a vicious-overcoming-warrior?  The answer is “nothing”!

Go for it!!

Coach Mendo